Clayton's Quest

Clayton's Quest - Official Trailer

Jayson bennett facesblendshapes thumb

The blendshape expressions that Clayton and other clay people use to show emotion.

Jayson bennett mobuexample

Some of Clayton's animations

Clayton's Quest

Lead animator, particle effects, sound editing, engine optimization, level design, and some 3D modeling.

Clayton's Quest was a Collect-a-thon Action-Platformer created during my senior year of college with four other members. We had six months to develop the game while still attending other classes. In total, there are four unique areas of play and four mini-puzzles hidden in those zones. There are hundreds of marbles to collect, a dozen NPCs to rescue, and a handful of secret collectables that, when collected, allow for some silly customizations.

It is available for free at ( We recommend using a controller to play the game, but it can be played with a mouse and keyboard.

More artwork
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