Dumpster Prop

Dumpster Prop (Sketchfab)

Base Color/ Metallic/ Normal/ Roughness

Base Color/ Metallic/ Normal/ Roughness

This is a game-ready dumpster prop that has 878 tris and a 2k PBR texture set.

I modeled the blockout in Maya (there were a few styles I tried out before deciding on this one), utilizing SmoothMesh Preview for the hi-poly top meshes. For the body, I brought the low-poly blockout into Zbrush and used Dynamesh before sculpting in some damage and weld bubbles.

Once this was done, I brought the hi-poly mesh back into Maya and realigned each element. From that point, I optimized the blockout to use less tris while combining the blocked out shapes, and then unwrapped the group.

I used the Paint3D Tool to flood each part to be used as a Color Mask in Substance Painter, where the rest of the detail was added in. The logo and label were created in Photoshop, then reintegrated back into the texture.