Dumpster Prop

This is a game-ready dumpster prop that has 878 tris and a 2k PBR texture set.

I modeled the blockout in Maya (there were a few styles I tried out before deciding on this one), utilizing SmoothMesh Preview for the hi-poly top meshes. For the body, I brought the low-poly blockout into Zbrush and used Dynamesh before sculpting in some damage and weld bubbles.

Once this was done, I brought the hi-poly mesh back into Maya and realigned each element. From that point, I optimized the blockout to use less tris while combining the blocked out shapes, and then unwrapped the group.

I used the Paint3D Tool to flood each part to be used as a Color Mask in Substance Painter, where the rest of the detail was added in. The logo and label were created in Photoshop, then reintegrated back into the texture.

Dumpster Prop (Sketchfab)

Base Color/ Metallic/ Normal/ Roughness

Base Color/ Metallic/ Normal/ Roughness